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The Spiritual Revolution

The Spiritual Revolution

No one seems to be ‘ok’ today. Levels are dropping, fear increasing, Egos reacting to the new information flooding in. The problem is that the information is directly against the ‘ego’. It is about growing to the Soul consciousness, and shedding all the human limitations. At the very least it is designed to awaken humans to a basic awareness level. We cannot have a species evolve when we do not love and care for ourselves. We will simply become obsolete.

There are laws and rules to this plane. Ones that Science thinks it has figure out. For the most part they do. What they haven’t mastered yet, is the ability to get the ‘understanding’ consistent.

We as humans, selectively follow laws and rules. We have an amazing ability to forget Divine truths because we have ensured our Ego never grows past the adolescent stage. But just because we pretend we don’t ‘know’ the laws and rules, doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by our choice to ignore them. Make no mistake, if you throw a match into a dry forest it will burn down. Your choosing to walk away and ‘not see it behind you’ does not stop the trees from burning. It only blocks you from the power to accept responsibility.

It’s going to be one hell of a year 🙂

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