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Messages from the Archangels Michael and Metatron

Messages from the Archangels Michael and Metatron

AA Michael and I discussed the pain that sometimes comes from being around others and he said “you do not need to like them but you must support them. For they are all God’s children and he loves every one of them”.  I also understood the struggles of the Angelic fields all together. So much given yet so little asked for in return.

We talked about Agents of God. Beings that are directly solely by the words of God. That God can use these people to do his upper bidding outside of physical limits and beliefs. There will not be a lot but they are governed by Spiritual Law over Physical Law. And they only accept judgement directly from God.

Metatron told me, You will make everything simple again – because it is. Things work or they don’t. They are on or off. Up and down. Yet all if at the same time. Life is difficult because it gives them Purpose. Too easy – and there is literally no effort to achieve. Achievement is one of humans’ greatest gifts – the ability to extend past themselves.

Stillness, mental control and rest, new avenues to discover, go within and map the body purposely.

**Bring all the human systems into harmonious balance and you will achieve Contentment. All systems, all levels**

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