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What is Happening? The Beginning of the Spiritual War

What is Happening? The Beginning of the Spiritual War

The ‘war’ started last night. The field is now set for Global Action. There will be no rhyme of reason that humans will comprehend. It will be chaos at the highest level. Humans will react to reactions and very few will be conscious of ‘what and why’. It will take about 3 months to acknowledge that no one knows the ‘enemy’. The enemy is not expected to ‘show himself’ until the Summer.
The world leaders are individually trying to find their footing. They know there will be war but for the first time in human history, there are no more ‘physical’ borders. We no longer live under the energetic field of country and nation, nor culture and religion.
We are a global world and therefore are truly all connected. We say it but we do not understand it. This war will teach us HUMAN LOYALTY. It will divide those of Light against those of Dark. As the two sides push apart, truths will be exposed. Over the year, those in Dark will rise to Light or turn to Evil. That is when the Spiritual War will commence (currently set for March 2018).
What is the spiritual war about? FREEDOM. From all human conditioned limits based on unconscious energetic fields. We have become enslaved to a society of expectations that do not reflect the actual society. What we ‘say’ and ‘do’ are in contrast. We pretend to believe things because we are scared not too. We listen to external advise on EVERYTHING because we have lost connection to Self and God. We suffer anxiety, depression, addictions, loneliness, and self hate because we were not taught to love ourselves and our source. This war isn’t about destruction- it is about Love. Until we ‘Let Go’ or ‘breakdown’ our delusions, we create unconscious destruction in our lives and worlds. Once we earn the capacity to find ourselves, we gain the ‘power’ to love ourselves and easily offer true compassion to others.
Right now, most of our society is pretending this isn’t happening. Most are so scared, they are going numb. But very few understand their fear. So rather than find the truth, more delusions are built on top. There are things happening. They are divinely set. There are prophets speaking this truth, and have for 2000 years. What makes this year different? The human ability to lie to itself has come to an end.
Find your Self, find your God/Source, and find your sanity before you are lost in the storm.

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