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Explanation of Light and Dark Energies: Influencing Frequencies

Explanation of Light and Dark Energies: Influencing Frequencies

There is going to be an increase of confusion regarding spirituality as the spiritual and physical energetic levels merge. Lightwork and darkness are common words for us in this area of study. Below are the responses I sent a client that was asking about my perspective of light and dark. (I also offer a webinar featuring a workshop on Light and Dark).

“Also… more questions about light/dark… who are the dark?”

Darkness refers more to an influencing frequency of energy that is ‘a heavier, negative, energy’- any perspective caught below the heart chakra. When the solar plexus and sacral and root weaken, people lose sight of self love and reason and can do things that are negative. Ie drug addictions, violence, jealousy, etc. The EGO is their main point of perspective so if it is not based in self-love and worth, things can go very dark for a person. When someone is lost in darkness- it is in the sense they cannot see light or good in the world. From bitterness to depression, internally or externally, life is seen as a burden to overcome rather than a life full of experiences.

“what are they doing?”

Again it is more of an influence that affects the perspectives of people; I deal with it in counselling. It works to bring the energetic field to fear. Say a woman is trying to leave a man but he won’t let go. So he attacks her, lies about her, takes from her…we consider darkness to be involved because something is making the person oppress someone that is asking for freedom. Originally this may have been a great person yet something has changed their ways. Maybe they could not accept the reality that the relationship was over. Or felt that they were the ‘victim’ without objectively looking at the entire experience. Another example I see a lot is when a woman chooses a man over her children. Her need to ‘be with someone’ (resulting from childhood abandonment) may override the woman’s material emotions (she may love her children very much but not have enough personal power to support herself let alone others). These are not things we would reflect as ‘positive or light’. Society would see them as ‘negative or wrong’. However they are the reality. Those are serious ones. 

In other cases, people think God hates them because they are not perfect. Not all people want to be bright and happy…some need shadows. Some want to do ‘private’ things and stuff that is not shared publicly. We used to value privacy. Some people hate themselves because they are not exactly like Spiritual leaders like Jesus or Buddha, but they don’t have to be. 

“Does it have anything to do with me and what I’m doing?”

Not unless you intend too. You can send someone positive energy or you can send someone negative energy. One makes the person feel worthy and empowered, the other makes the person feel worthless and afraid. You can spend your time scheming and working to destroy others (working in the dark) or you can focus on helping others as best you can (working in the light).

“What do you mean when you say you’re working in the dark?”

I help clients that feel there is too much darkness and heaviness around them. They feel that no one understands them and they are scared. Using holistic modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, and spiritual counselling we lighten the energy and the person can see and feel clearly. The ‘fog of fear’ dissipates. SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) is a technique my business partner uses to clear spiritual contracts with others in varying life times. Because Divine Connections are real between people, accounting for dark negative energy is important. These include anything from dynamics between partners or issues with God connections. Caroline Myss started a lot of it with Sacred Contracts. I also take clients that feel they have darkness and voices influencing them. Many people still believe strongly in the “devil” or curses. We work with them to understand and provide historical data or resources we have. We definitely do not have the answers but we have the fortitude to help those who others turn away as ‘Religious or crazy’ to find the answers they need.

“Light vs mammon working in the light, etc… but then dark energies using Wifi, etc,”

In the bible Mammon is describe as the opposite force of God. Mammon is the belief/action in sin greed, money, power or community and life. It is said “No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else. he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24 – . I agree with it.

Rather than say the ‘devil’ which is a Christian word and causes either extreme fear or disbelief- I use Mammon because it better explains the ‘physical’ level of energy rather than the ‘spiritual’ level of energy. If people are going to continue to ‘do negative things to themselves and others’ then I won’t be involved. If however they are looking to change, (say a drug addict or violent teen who wants to understand their behaviour), I will support them and their parents.

Wifi is suspect because there is so much interference. How it is ok that literally anything we type is property of the government or commerce companies? Why is there so much ‘static’ and negative energy being emitted? Who really controls it? So there is a belief that much of the darker frequencies resonate close to wifi. Social media highlights stuff like delusional profiles, ‘fake news’. the ability to spew unfounded hate and accusations. We didn’t used to have all this 24 hours a day right? It is a combination of how lower energy information is spread and if the increase of wifi has affected our overall mental and emotion balance (this can then be tied into social work/sociology research being done on the increased loneliness in humans with the increase of digital communication).

“I’m trying to sort out these dualities lol it confuses me somewhat when I think about what I’m supposed to do with that information (if anything)”

I’d say understand it. The current events and global emotions are the ‘what’, the planetary and cosmic system are the ‘how’, The theories being put out worldwide (a variety of Light workers, science, meteorologists, astrologist etc) are the ‘why’, and the sacred scriptures (bible etc) and ‘seers’ are providing the ‘when’. Having been actively involved in spirituality for 20 years, to me this is the time when everything is coming together. The varying perspectives (energetic fields) are aligning. Like minded people worldwide are reporting the same information. There are thousands of Spiritual groups online and as the global world becomes smaller, we are finding that a lot of our ‘out there’ beliefs are common and current outside of our limited North American perspective.


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