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Did I Just See That?

Did I Just See That?

It usually starts with a feeling; a coolness that runs over the skin. Then something catches your attention at the corner of your eye; shivers and that eerie feeling that someone is with you. In many cases … there is someone present.

On September 24, 2016 the spiritual and physical energetic planes began merging into one. The two ‘energetic streams’ of energy were previously separated by a veil (higher frequency of energy). People living on the physical plane were generally unaware of those living on the spiritual plane. We often refer to this as the ‘other side’. The veil is what separates the ‘sides’. As the veil thins, the two sides begin to merge and become more aware of one another. This allows the average person to ‘feel’ more psychically which accounts for the physical response when they ‘sense’ a guide being present.

Guides, more often than not, are simply people that have passed on. When a person dies, their soul can choose to carry out karma by helping a loved one or person they owe that is still living. They do this by offering energetic support, physical signs, or guidance through automatic writing. They remain or visit a person’s ‘space’ on the spiritual plane. Because the spiritual and physical planes are becoming one, it is now easier to see/sense them when awake. Whether you see, feel or hear them, depends on your individual psychic ability. The more sensitive you are, the easier it is to ‘pick them up’ energetically much like receiving a radio signal.

Know that if you’re sensing ‘guides’ in your living space understand that it’s alright. It’s actually quite normal. They have always been there but most people have never noticed. Now that you do you can take action. If you do not want to experience ‘guides’, you can ask them to leave, smudge the physical area with sage, or close any portals (Article: How to Close Portals) to cut down on psychic static.

It’s important to remember that in most cases, the guides are just passing through, so experiencing one does not mean you or your house are haunted. I look at it like a highway running through our plane. Sometimes it can run right through your home. When we close the portal, we put up a roadblock and the energy disperses around it.

If you want to make contact with the guide automatic writing is an excellent tool. When you are calm and focused, allow yourself a few moments of deep breathing. Take out a pen and paper and write “what do you need to tell me?” Then just write and see what happens. Depending on who the guide is, the experience may change. If it’s a guide that happens to be ‘wandering through’ you may get very little as there is no divine relationship. However, if the guide is your grandmother, the writing may be quite lengthy. Try it out for yourself and see what happens.

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