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Surrendering the Fear: Understanding “Letting Go”

Surrendering the Fear: Understanding “Letting Go”

Automatic writing about Surrendering and Fear….”You have the choice. They all had options, others chose themselves. How does a world exist contently if no one puts another first? When you provide for your SELF, there is no need to ‘depend’ on others. Look up dependence. There is a marked difference between ‘dependence and interdependence’. The joy is experienced when you see others as a gift rather than a need. You are learning that you can do this world alone (for the most part). And that even alone, We are here.

Relationships in Energy

These near misses are to ensure that you all understand that things are changing. You are safe but must look up now and then. Be aware of the demons at the door and simply choose not to open it. If danger presents itself, understand the ‘why’ behind it and silence it. Your safety, and those around you, is guaranteed through your ability to ‘hear and align’. As you have seen, we are there even when you are not aware. Yet the more awareness you bring, the easier it is for us to intervene. Always Surrender (it means that you release your control over the energetic field in which you have ‘trapped’ yourself. When someone let’s go the cords, we can transmute things ‘quicker’ down here). It is that last choice, when you accept that you cannot do it without divine help. When you surrender, you give the cords to us. When things are in a better ‘position’ or more stable, we give them back. This is the relationship. As a human strengthens their ability to ‘take action or surrender’, so does Faith. When you SEE that we are here, truly FEEL that Divine is present, the human ego relaxes and matures because it does not need to DEFEND all the time. There is nothing to defend about. Then the Warrior has the mature room to respond when needed, rather than the ego exhausting itself believing it is ‘protecting itself’. It is not. It is simply ensuring the Soul never integrates and makes its truth known. Your answers, all answers are found within the Soul.”

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