Leader. Counsellor. Educator.

Leader. Counsellor. Educator.

Surrendering the Fear: Understanding “Letting Go”

Automatic writing about Surrendering and Fear….”You have the choice. They all had options, others chose themselves. How does a world exist contently if no one puts another first? When you provide for your SELF, there is no need to ‘depend’ on others. Look up dependence. There is a marked difference between ‘dependence and interdependence’. The joy is experienced when you see others as a gift rather than a need. You are learning that you can do this world alone (for the most part). And that even alone, We are here.

Relationships in Energy

These near misses are to ensure that you all understand that things are changing. You are safe but must look up now and then. Be aware of the demons at the door and simply choose not to open it. If danger presents itself, understand the ‘why’ behind it and silence it. Your safety, and those around you, is guaranteed through your ability to ‘hear and align’. As you have seen, we are there even when you are not aware. Yet the more awareness you bring, the easier it is for us to intervene. Always Surrender (it means that you release your control over the energetic field in which you have ‘trapped’ yourself. When someone let’s go the cords, we can transmute things ‘quicker’ down here). It is that last choice, when you accept that you cannot do it without divine help. When you surrender, you give the cords to us. When things are in a better ‘position’ or more stable, we give them back. This is the relationship. As a human strengthens their ability to ‘take action or surrender’, so does Faith. When you SEE that we are here, truly FEEL that Divine is present, the human ego relaxes and matures because it does not need to DEFEND all the time. There is nothing to defend about. Then the Warrior has the mature room to respond when needed, rather than the ego exhausting itself believing it is ‘protecting itself’. It is not. It is simply ensuring the Soul never integrates and makes its truth known. Your answers, all answers are found within the Soul.”

Personal Reflections

August Shift: Increased Masculine Agression

Good Morning. I was woken up early to write about the August shift. August 3-16 show heightening volitive energy patterns. Boiling emotions and truths will surface through the physical planes. Literally shows molten lava, moving slowly in waves but getting further and further distributed. Too many people continue to look outside themselves for grounding. They are grasping to relationships, outdated beliefs, and a NEED to feel secure. The tighter they hold; the harder it will be to gain freedom. As the heat rises, so will reactions.

The temperatures are rising.

Lies will solidify as quickly as truths emerge. This will create a weaving effect with the energetic fields. Yet rather than creating (or upgrading) new relationships – we are ‘trying’ to create these new dynamics by incorporating old habits. The problem is the fields will not hold. As the dreams and lies of the first half of the year begin to shaken, new opportunities for growth are present.
Yahweh. It is getting harder and harder to deny the energetic truth of the Source. Many continue to try- or to bargain and plead- but few are still understanding the Glory of God. This world is pushing to the brink of war to decide one final energetic truth: does this society continue to function in MANMADE FEAR, or do we reconnect to the Source and rediscover the FREEDOM in FAITH. From the highest level- the quickest way to ride the shifts and turn obstacles into victories is to work directly with Yahweh and his workers. These include Ascended Masters and the Angelic realm. When you place your faith in the higher fields of awareness and compassion, you can literally see where you are the problem in your own life. When you can accept your role in your own story, it is possible to rewrite your script. As long as you are following the Faith of Man, you will be limited to what they are capable of as a Collective energy. The current frequency is setting into the Solar Plexus and will be strengthened on August 3rd. The energies created during June and July will materialize physically into further global chaos. Each person will come to face their worst fears until they surrender to Faith.

What is Happening? The Beginning of the Spiritual War

The ‘war’ started last night. The field is now set for Global Action. There will be no rhyme of reason that humans will comprehend. It will be chaos at the highest level. Humans will react to reactions and very few will be conscious of ‘what and why’. It will take about 3 months to acknowledge that no one knows the ‘enemy’. The enemy is not expected to ‘show himself’ until the Summer. (more…)

Watch & Listen
Divine Messages

Messages from the Archangels Michael and Metatron

AA Michael and I discussed the pain that sometimes comes from being around others and he said “you do not need to like them but you must support them. For they are all God’s children and he loves every one of them”.  I also understood the struggles of the Angelic fields all together. So much given yet so little asked for in return. (more…)

Shifts & Fields

Did I Just See That?

It usually starts with a feeling; a coolness that runs over the skin. Then something catches your attention at the corner of your eye; shivers and that eerie feeling that someone is with you. In many cases … there is someone present.

On September 24, 2016 the spiritual and physical energetic planes began merging into one. (more…)

What's Happening

The Spiritual Revolution

No one seems to be ‘ok’ today. Levels are dropping, fear increasing, Egos reacting to the new information flooding in. The problem is that the information is directly against the ‘ego’. It is about growing to the Soul consciousness, and shedding all the human limitations. At the very least it is designed to awaken humans to a basic awareness level. (more…)